"Gross Nationalist Products" (2015)

by Brainerd Diarrhea

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released December 5, 2015

All rackets made by Screwface.



all rights reserved


Brainerd Diarrhea Toronto, Ontario

Crust/Grind/Noisecore from Toronto, Canada, that began in the summer of 2014. Influenced by Sore Throat / Blood Sucking Freaks / Violent Headache / "Scum" era. Napalm Death / 7mon / Hiatus / the Carcass demo / Destroy / Genital Masticator / Extreme Noise Terror / Deformed Conscience blah blah etc etc .

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Track Name: Scion Fuck Off
Hardcore is not for capitalist shits!!!
Track Name: Racist Arseholes Pt. 2
Your xenophobic rhetoric isn't worth the sweat off my sack.

- Pathetic nazi bastards.

Your ideas are shit so stick your pamphlets up your dick
Track Name: Drilling Nightmare
What the fuck is going on? The water is on fire!
Houses sink into the ground while the spills are getting larger.

Take your trucks and your drills and go fly a kite.
Our lands and our well-being are not for sale!
Track Name: Smogpocalypse
We're dying as we breathe
Track Name: If You Hunt, You're A Cunt [Angry Worta Melonz]
If you hunt, you're a cunt!!!
Track Name: Raping The Earth [Extreme Noise Terror]
"Man" is superior, "Man" has the might,
He's under the impression that he's right.
To take the earth and do as he will,
And leave nothing but a deformed hell.

Raping the earth and we don't seem to care,
Soon there will be no life left here!!!

With such stupidity we are raping the earth,
It's been on the decline since mans birth,
The harmony of nature is being upturned,
Compassion not destruction must be learned.
Track Name: Queen Mum Kiss My Bum
Fuck off!!!!
Track Name: Drinking & Driving Is Fucking Stupid
Drinking and driving is a selfish fucking trick,
Call a cab or walk home, don't be a fucking idiot!!!
Track Name: Lying For Cash
They collect billions but pay no tax,
Back next week with hands out for more,
Famine runs rampant while the church grows wealth,
Preaching charity but keeping it for themselves
Track Name: Conservatives
Power mongers!!!
Track Name: Parade Ernst Zundel's Charred Corpse Down Carlton Street
Shoot him in the face,
Ignite that piece of shit,
Defile his worthless corpse,
And do it fucking quick!!!!
Track Name: Can't Ignore This Fucking War [Acoustic Grinder]
Can't ignore this fucking war,
Everywhere ripped flesh and gore.

Can't ignore this fucking war,
Nobody in peace anymore.

Can't ignore this fucking war,
So let's react against this war
Track Name: Gored Matador
Impaled gut, death comes quick
A bull's justice will be swift.

Blood and teeth hit the dirt.

Poked out eyes, slashed up face,
A fitting end to a bullfight disgrace.
Track Name: Internet Xenophobes
Pull your head out of your arse!!!
Track Name: Tree Tearer
To arched trees your legs are tied,
Split to your chest, a brutal bloody mess.
Track Name: Microwaving Old Fish At The Gas Station
Fuck your store...
Track Name: War Is A Cunt's Trick [Blood Sucking Freaks]
Jeeps and tanks running people over.

War is a cunt's trick.

Booze runs out as worlds erupt, with only 4 minutes to get fucked up.